Parable, Miracle & sign


Parable, Miracle & sign

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By Charles H. Welch

Review by Robert Guenther
Parable, Miracle, and Sign considers the Gospels of Matthew and John dispensationally. These articles were taken from The Berean Expositor and then reprinted in book form. The goal is to show that there has been a dispensational change in the administration or method that God is using to reveal truth for today. The Mystery which was delivered to the Apostle Paul does not use parables, miracles or signs to reveal the truth and we can learn to appreciate the differences as we consider this book.

Our book starts by explaining that the Gospel of Matthew was written to reveal two main points. One that Christ, as the Son of David, has a right to the throne as King of Israel on the earth. And that Christ, as the son of Abraham, has a wider role to the nations with the blessing and inheritance of Abraham in view.

The Sermon on the Mount is the next topic of discussion and it is explained that this sermon is not for our obedience as members of Christ’s Body. The whole economy is different than that what we live under today. Praying for the Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, is not the hope of the church which is His Body, for we are expecting to meet the Lord in the heaven in which is above all heavens. They could expect that the meek would have their blessings on the earth, while our rewards and spiritual blessings are to be enjoyed in the heavenlies.

“The Parables” are explained as not being revealed truth for everyone, rather they were written to reveal the truth to some while at the same time hiding it or keeping it secret from others. A parable is a comparison of two objects, for the purpose of teaching, that are cast beside one another.

Our next subject is that of “Miracles”. Some of the miracles discussed are the Lord’s healing ministry. The fact that He gave sight to the blind, the dumb could speak, the deaf could hear, lepers were cleansed and infirmities were cured. He even made a few rise from the dead. The purpose of these miracles was to establish that the Lord was the promised Messiah. It is further explained that Israel’s leaders rejected the Lord and that as a result she was set aside and the salvation of the Lord was sent to the nations.

Last we have the “Signs” mentioned in the book of John. Mr. Welch suggests that the purpose of this Gospel of John is to present Christ to the world. The signs were recorded to prove that Jesus is the Christ and believing these truths we will have life through His name. No longer is the Jew seen as having a priority, but now the Gentiles have equal access to God.