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Friday Evening,  September 23, 2016

       7:00PM                     Mike & Diane Mecikalski-Open Conference
                                             Sandwiches and snacks will be offered
                                          2 speakers on Friday evening

Saturday,  September 24, 2016

       8:00-9:15AM          Breakfast & Fellowship, In-House
       9:15-9:30AM            Mike Mecikalski - Greetings, Announcements
       9:30-12:45AM          3 Morning speakers

       12:45-2:00PM      Lunch,  In-House

       2:00-5:30PM           3 Afternoon Speakers

       5:30-6:45PM        Dinner,  In-House

Sunday Morning,  September 25, 2016

       8:00-9:15AM           Breakfast and Fellowship, In-House
       9:45-9:30AM            Mike Mecikalski - Greetings, Announcements  
       9:30-12:30                3 Speakers
       12:30PM                    Mike & Diane Mecikalski;
                  Conference close with prayer and thanksgiving