All Truth (Review)

By J. Eustace Mills
    It should be common knowledge to our readers that we believe it was given to the Apostle Paul to fulfill the Word of God (Col. 1:25).  These last Pauline epistles thus reveal to us our hope as members of the One Body of Christ and our various responsibilities as to our walk. We have here at Truth For Today a small book that puts forth these truths very simply.
    All Truth, by J. Fustace Mills, is our book in review.  This book is an exposition of Col. 1:24-29 divided into 8 chapters.  His approach is to contrast what the Spirit of Truth has revealed before and during the time of Christ, and what was revealed to Paul after the Lord's resurrection
(John 16:13).
    Our book starts with the explanation of the time after the Lord's resurrection when He said that He would send "The Comforter", the Spirit of Truth, who would speak about the things that were to come and would glorify the Lord.  This first contrast is between the truths in the Gospels and the words spoken by the Lord in person while on the earth, and the revelations given to the Apostle Paul.
    Mr. Mills then suggests that it is God's desire to share His secret purpose with his saints, but that not all are initiated into this calling and some refuse to respond to the message of the Mystery.  The contrast are those mysteries revealed from the foundation of the world and those revealed before the foundation.
    What is this Mystery?  For there is more than one revealed in Paul's writings, Mr. Mills explains.  The contrast here is between the Mystery of Christ which is hidden in the Old Testament Scriptures, the Gospels, and in Paul's earlier writings with the Mystery of the Body of Christ revealed in Paul's last seven epistles.  When we make these secrets the same we have confusion, not light, as the Father desires for us.
    The Body of Christ is said to be raised, seated, and manifested with Christ in Glory.  We are not told that we will meet the Lord in the air (1 Thess. 4:17).  The time when the Lord returns at His Second Coming will be glorious, but this is not our hope.
    The last chapter contrasts the presenting of the perfect man, one of "full age"and the babe that is spoken of in Hebrews 5:13-6:1.  For one to remain a babe is a sad thing.  We need to grow up (Eph. 4:14,15) so we will not be easily deceived.
    All Truth is found in the the Word of God.  Mr. Mills would have us to rightly divide the Word to find our hope and calling.  To grow into full grown sons fit for the Master's use.