By George Feldman

One of the many wonders of nature is the change that can be seen in the lowly, unattractive caterpillar transformed into a beautiful creature such as is seen in the Monarch butterfly. To the student of zoology this is known as a metamorphosis. This word, which is practically a carryover from Greek vocabulary, is found in the New Testament.

The first usage of this word, metamorphoo, is found in Matt. 17:2 where it is rendered transfigured, referring to the experience of our Lord on that occasion. This word is also rendered be changed in 2 Cor. 3:18, and transformed in Rom. 12:2, which is the subject of our first heading:

The Change to be Effected by the Believer.

In this context, transformed is given a practical application to the Christian life. This radical change or spiritual growth can only be effected as the believer presents or yields himself a living sacrifice to his God and Savior. This inner change is necessary if one is to live rightly in this evil age.

However, there is another change which shall be experienced by all believers. This will come under the heading of:

The Change to be Effected by God.

This change will take place at each of the resurrections. It will be a complete change both inward and outward. It will be glorious beyond our imagination. The word we will consider in this case is allasso, be changed as found in I Cor. 15:51. While this portion of Scripture was written to those believers whose hope was the soon return of the Lord from heaven in great power and glory, yet this chapter offers much help in explaining many things about the subject.

A good illustration of the force of the word allasso, is found in Heb. 1:12, where it is also rendered, be changed. But in this context it has reference to the present heavens and earth growing old like a garment. "And as a vesture shalt thou fold them up, and they shall be change." This change is evidently has reference to the new heavens and new earth, which will be the only suitable habitation for resurrection bodies.

We conclude. The inward change or transformation is after all preparation for the complete change in resurrection.

(Reprinted from Truth For Today Vol. 17, No. 11)