By Oscar M. Baker
    God has spoken. He has spoken by His Holy Word. He said what He meant. He meant what He said. To try to interpret plain facts is foolishness. Any interpretation that man may try to put upon anything God has written will involve either adding to or taking away from. An interpretation is an idea or thought suggested by what is written. If it differs in the least from what is written, it is wrong. Man’s ways are not God’s ways. We may reason something out our way, but it may be the opposite of God’s way. Let us follow after God, read the Word for ourselves, and believe it as it is. At times I may seem to be quibbling about some unimportant point of scripture, but I am aiming to make you see the importance of careful reading of all Scripture. It is easy to read an idea into a scripture passage and then read it right back out again. An example is reading in the word WATER for the word DEATH in Romans 6.