Risen and Ascended

by Oscar M. Baker
    If professing Christians talk of the Lord at all, it usually is in terms of His life. We hear quite a bit concerning His life and example to us. The usual expression is “The Jesus Way”.
    Some few will go so far as to speak of a crucified Lord. But if they only go that far, they have a dead Lord. Our hope does not lie in His life, nor does it lie in His death. There is no future in worship of a dead body on a cross.
    Once in awhile we hear someone speak ofthe “risen” Lord. This is usually around Easter time. It is only in a risen Lord that there is life eternal. He only has immortality. The King of kings and Lord of lords is the one who has risen from the dead. He it is who will rule over the earth. He is the One who is the great expectation of the nation Israel. He will be the ruler of their nation in the promised land. He will yet occupy the Throne of His father, David.
    It is rare that we hear of an ascended Lord. Stephen saw Him at the right hand of God, standing and waiting for His people to receive Him as their King. He was in this attitude of expectation all during the Acts period. But the nation rejected Him and was finally set aside (Acts 28:28). But some day He will come to meet His people Israel, in the air. This will be at the last trumpet.
    But we of the present dispensation of the MYSTERY have a Lord and Savior who lived, died, rose again, ascended on high, and is seated at the right hand of Majesty as Head of the Church which is His Body. Our hope is not to be in His Kingdom here on earth. Our hope is not to meet Him in the air and inhabit the New Jerusalem. Our hope is a higher hope than any of these. It is to ascend to that high place where He is and be manifested with Him there to the principalities and powers of the super-heavenlies (Col. 3:4). This position is received only by faith. Do you accept it? Make sure of your hope and calling.                        Originally published June 1949