Search to See

Search to See by Alvin Johnson
Our author's desire was to write a book using poetry (i.e. a poetic form) in such a way as to provoke curiosity and a greater interest in the Bible and finally to promote Bible study.  He hoped that others would "Search to See" whether or not these things are true by searching the Scriptures.

Mr. Johnson quotes from the authorized version Acts 17:11 "These were more noble that those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

Mr. Johnson makes no claim that his book is without error or that he is writing under inspiration from God, but rather he felt a real desire to share what God had revealed to him from His Word, even though he had no formal training.  He suggests very strongly that the context must be considered each time we try to interpret words, verses or passages from God's Word and that the context should help keep us from drawing the wrong conclusions.

Mr. Johnson is a firm believer in the need to rightly divide the word of truth 
(II Tim. 2:15) and that all Scripture is written for our learning but is not all written directly to us.  We can all benefit from learning more about God and His Ways, but instructions that were given to Israel to follow as a manner of worship should not be kept by gentiles (nations) today.

Mr. Johnson further states that he prayed fervently that others would try the things that differ.  This principle is stated in (Phil. 1:10) "...that you may approve the things that are excellent..."  This method of comparing scripture with other scripture and always considering the context is a proven way to help us interpret God's Word.

I found the author's style (poetic form) a little unusual at first reading, but I am not one who enjoys poetry.  The more pages I read the easier it became for me to enjoy what was being presented for my learning.  I also found that his style had an appeal to others that otherwise may not spend time in studying the Holy Scriptures.  They enjoy reading poetry and were able to understand some truths that I had tried to share as a direct result of the writer's efforts.

I would highly recommend this book, Search to See, to anyone who enjoys reading poetry.  It can be enjoyed by those believers who have thoughts towards God no matter what level of maturity they are at.

In conclusion, Mr. Johnson does not write to persuade anyone to change their mind.  He states "Search to see if the articles as offered are true".  If they are not true then discard them.  If they are true then remember them and put them into practice.