The Change

By Oscar M. Baker

“Be it known therefore to you, that to the Gentiles is sent the salvation of God; and they will hear” (Interlinear Gr. N.T., Acts 28:28). Paul, who is the speaker here, is talking to the Jewish leaders that he’d gathered together for an all day meeting in Rome, shortly after he’d arrived there as a prisoner. And he’s speaking in his own hired house, but bound with a chain. The Roman authorities had been rather lenient with him on that occasion, and probably for the reason that he was a Roman citizen, he was a well educated man, and also the fact that really there was no charge against him. So they were giving him some comfort before his case would come before Caesar, which probably took 2 years. We talk about our courts being slow sometimes in our country, but way back in Rome they were a little slow, too.

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RD 101 - The Truth Opposed

By Jack Eberle

We have been looking at II Timothy 2:15 in some detail. This is the beginning Scripture for the prospective workman in The Word. This is where it all begins. To learn The Word, one must “straight-cut”, or as it is more popularly known, “Rightly Divide”. There is no way around this admonition of God. Those who rightly divide will be unashamed workmen. Moreover, they will more certainly propagate The Word of Truth.

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En Tois Epouranios #42

By Michael S. Mecikalski

A correction from last article #41 = Isaiah 6:9-10 was not quoted three times in the N.T. but is quoted three times in The Scriptures. The final quote in the Biblical time line being by the apostle Paul in Acts 28:26 & 27 (the end of the “Acts period” being at or very close to A.D. 64).

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