For The Journey

By Jean Heltzinger, Kelley Bagby & Kathleen Cottrell

We are pleased to offer a new book recently published by long-time readers of Truth For Today, and serious students of the Scriptures. Titled For the Journey, a book of short devotional writings that adhere to truth for the Church which is Christ’s Body. Some writings are based on general truth and some on truth written specifically for the Church which is the Body of Christ.

All of the topics have been written from personal notes, observations and reflections on our personal walk with Christ as our Head. Our hope and homeland of the heavens far above all heavens is what we kept in view.

The authors are Jean Heltzinger and her daughters, Kelley Bagby and Kathleen Cottrell. These ladies began writing this book after they realized most devotional books, at some point, hold out blessings and promises made exclusively to the nation of Israel. These books erroneously suggest this hope of Israel is offered to us today. But as members of His One Body, our heavenly hope is much different as to it location and the promises made to His Church.

The writers believe there is a need for a dispensationally correct devotional book in which Christ Jesus is acknowledged as Head of the Church which is His Body. They teach that our hope is to appear with Him in heavenly places, when He appears there.

For the Journey is 296 pages in length. This book is only available in a hardback cover. The book will be offered at a price to cover the cost of the printing and the postage. The price is only $20.50.

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   We are sure you will be blessed by the devotionals shared by these ladies.
                             Review by Robert Guenther, Editor, Truth For Today, Inc.