The Ark


By George Feldman

A fragment of a meteorite from the planet Mars and supposedly containing evidences of life was the subject of a recent article in this paper.  The article concluded that more importantly we need to be concerned with "The Rock" the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Creator and the only source of life in "The Whole Universe".

Discovery is an exciting pursuit, and we believe there are far more important and relevant ones for the sake of mankind to be considered other than the mysteries of space.  One example is the reported discovery of Noah's Ark, which is not new and the earliest report goes back as far as 700 BC.  Its location somewhere atop the mountains of Ararat remains an unchallenged historical fact as recorded in the Bible.  Furthermore, there is plenty of scientific evidence today that there was a worldwide flood, as recorded in the Book of Genesis.  Past reports say that the ark was seen at about the 14,000 foot level in Turkey, which is far above the timber line.  And most of the ark was more heavily laden with ice and snow than what is indicated in our picture.  If the Ark were rediscovered in some future expedition, what impact would it have on the world?  Some think it would have a greater effect upon scientists than it  would on the man on the street.  For sure the story of Noah' s Ark could no longer be treated as an imaginative and fictitious story for the amusement of children.

The late editor of National Geographic once said, "If the Ark of Noah is ever discovered, it would be the greatest archaeological find in human history, the greatest event since the resurrection of Christ, and it would alter all the currents of scientific thought."

We are living in a world that is being overwhelmed with spiritual darkness because of man' s unbelief and rebellion. Will God allow such a discovery to be made some day?  For sure, if it does happen it will bring glory to His name and His Word.  And no man or circumstance will keep it from happening.