The Limitations of God

By Oscar M. Baker

In the beginning, God created two heavens and the earth. They were not created empty, but to be inhabited. At that time this earth was the Eden of God. In it dwelt Lucifer, the most beautiful and wise creature ever made. God delegated to the mighty one the care of creation, to keep it, to watch over it. It is to be noted that when any rule is delegated, then the potentate has given up that much sovereignty.

But this earth became empty and waste through the fall of Lucifer. This was caused by an overthrow of water. Where this water came from and how it was released on the earth, we can only guess. We have volumes of myths and legends of the heathen which tell of the wars of the Titans and the wars of the giants, with the golden age before and the silver, bronze, and iron ages following. There are stories about how the gods gave fire to the human race. Back of all these stories lies truth, but it is impossible to trace it all. Men corrupted the truth at times and at other times exchanged it for the lie.

But a few things we may surmise which will fit in with what we know and maybe give us a key to what has happened. This Eden of God was perfect. There were precious stones and metals in perfect order. Today we look about us and we see the ground. That itself tells of ruin. It is something ground up. Water causes erosion and is almost a perfect universal solvent. Whence came it? We know that water is made up of two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. We also know that these two gases require a spark of fire to make them unite to form water. So back at the overthrow, just who started the spark that caused it all? The Word says that Lucifer, now Satan, has in himself fire which will some time break out and devour him, destroy him. Is he then the origin of fire?

This Lucifer made the wrong choice after that he was made and some sovereignty given to him. Ruin followed. This was the entrance of sin into God's creation. There was a promise made before these age times that death, which was the result of sin, would one day be done away and life come in. This promise was never made known till the dispensation of the mystery was revealed. This life was provided by the work of the Son, the Seed of the woman. But we anticipate.

So through the fall of Lucifer, the creation came into ruin and desolation. God made some order of this ruin, made man of the dust of the earth and gave to him dominion. God again shared His sovereignty. To man was delegated a rule or dominion. Like Lucifer, he could make a choice of his own free will. And because he had the will to make a choice, he was also to bear the responsibility of that choice.

Out of ruin, dust from a former perfect creation, man was made in the likeness of the image of God. And the express image of the invisible God is the Lord Jesus Christ. Redemption is in the making. If God were absolutely sovereign, then redemption would not be required. God is righteous and cannot be the author of sin and ruin.