The Mystery of Godliness


By George Feldman

I Tim. 3:15,16

The pillar and ground of the truth and without any argument is the fact today that;

1. God came down to earth and tabernacled in flesh, in the likeness of man, and so was manifested to the world. God in His essence cannot be seen, so He came in a visible form so He could be seen and known.

2. Being in the likeness of a man, taking upon Himself the form or office of a slave, He was justified in Spirit. So a voice from heaven could say that this was the beloved Son in Whom the supreme deity was well pleased.

3. Being in a visible form, He was seen of angels. Is this the first time that deity was ever manifested to the angels?

4. He was proclaimed or preached to the Gentiles and several of them came to Him for blessing and received it.

5. Because He manifested Fatherhood in the office of a Son, He was believed on in the world. He came with the signs that were before told of in prophecy proving that He fulfilled all prophecy concerning the Lamb.

6. When His work here on the earth was finished, He was received up into glory. In the history of mankind, this was a brief period during which God actually dwelt with men, but this brief segment of history has changed the course of the events of the world and the influence has not stopped even yet.

At the opening of the Book we are told that it was God (Elohim) that did all the creating. Yet in John 1 we are told just as emphatically that all things that were created by the Word. Was the Word God?

David claimed Jehovah as his Shepherd. In John 10 Christ announces that He is the good Shepherd, the same one that David spoke of.

The highest name that can be given to deity is first mentioned in Psa. 7:17, Jehovah, the most high God. Yet the name that is above every name is given to Christ in Ph'p. 2:9.

When God spoke to Moses from the burning bush, He identified Himself as Jehovah, the I AM. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did not hesitate to assume that title over and over again, even after His ascension and speaking to John the Revelator.

The Godhead has been and still is a mystery, but He has tried to make Himself known to us. We should not spurn these efforts.