by Joseph L. Watkins
    The Lord was alone with His disciples and He had been praying for some time. Turning to them He asked a very provocative question, “Whom say the people that I am?”
    This is recorded for us in Luke 9:18, Matt. 16:13, and Mark 8:27. As we read all three accounts, we see that they gave Him a variety of answers; “…some say you are John the Baptist, some say Elijah, others say Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.” Just as in that day, ‘men’ today will offer a wide range of answers to that most solemn question.
    As we read on we see that the Lord made the question a personal one, “Whom say ye that I am?” Now this question takes on a much greater importance. I ask you – who do you say he is??
    Let us pose this question to some of the men that knew Him personally, such as John the Baptist. John, tell us, Who is He? John saith, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. (I may be six months older but)… he was before me…I bare record that this is THE SON OF GOD.” John 1:29-34.
    Matthew – who do you say he is? “I have told you, “His name is Emmanuel – God with us” – 1:23. Also you must understand that we Jews know all too well that we are only to worship the one Lord GOD, and that is precisely what we were doing, as we worshipped HIM.” (See 28:17)
    To Mark we ask – who do you say He is? He might reply – “compare what I said in 12:29 “Hear Israel, the Lord our GOD is LORD” with what I said in 2:28 “…the Son of Man is LORD…”
    Now as we turn to Luke to ask him the same question, we are reminded that it was he who said in 1:1 that he would “…set forth those things which are most surely believed among us.” Going on to 1:16-17 we see his answer “many… of Israel shall turn to the LORD their GOD, and HE (John) shall go before HIM (Christ Jesus) … to make ready a people prepared for THE LORD.” Yes, the ONE LORD GOD of Israel is in fact, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    John, what do you say? Who is He that is called both the Son of Man, and THE SON of GOD? Who should we know Him to be? Turning to John 1:1-3 we begin to find John’s answer – “He is God – the one creator of all” in 6:20, “He is the great and only I AM” and in Rev. 4:1-11 John reaffirms this great truth.
    Thomas – who is this one? He said in John 20:28, “my LORD and my GOD.”
    Paul, we must hear from you. Who is HE? Turn to Rom. 3:30 “…it is ONE GOD…” or GOD is ONE. Read Col. 1:15-17 – “He is the Image of the Invisible GOD” and “He is creator of all things. Compare this with Acts 17:24 “GOD made all things.”