By Oscar M. Baker
    Practically every organization that calls itself a church makes claim that it had its beginning at Pentecost. What do they mean by THE CHURCH? We find in scripture that there was a church of Israel in the wilderness, (translated the CONGREGATION OF ISRAEL). There was a CHURCH OF GOD during the Acts period. There is a church which is HIS BODY in the prison epistles. Which began at Pentecost? Or did any begin then? If you can find a word or even a hint in your Bible that any church began at Pentecost, I would like to know about it. I have not been able to find it in mine.
    They also tell us that Gentiles, as well as Jews, were saved in the great meeting of Pentecost. What does the Word say about it? It does speak of Jews from 14 different nations being there, but I do not find a word concerning Gentiles. No Jew ate with a Gentile until Acts 10, (see Acts 11:3). Peter had to have a special call and vision to open the kingdom to the Gentiles 8 years after Pentecost.
    No Jewish believer ever had the slightest idea that a Gentile could be saved without first becoming a Jew until Peter had to give an account of his actions at the house of Cornelius before the elders in Jerusalem. In Chapter 10 they were amazed when they saw that the Holy Ghost was poured out on the Gentiles as it had on the Jews at Pentecost. In Chapter 11 we read, “They held their peace, and glorified God, saying, ‘Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life’.” Which shall we believe, vain tradition or the plain truth of God?