Unto the Less of the Least

By Joseph L. Watkins
    “Blessed be the GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessing in HEAVENLY PLACES in CHRIST”; Eph. 1:3
    I truly rejoice in the knowledge that throughout the world there are those that comprehend the wonderful truth in this verse of Scripture. Accounting themselves among the believing ones, numbered in that great calling. Many of these can point directly to this little Bible study paper as the instrument which the Holy Spirit used to bring to their eyes the understanding and enlightenment concerning The Secret, and many other great truths of the Bible that can truly be held to be Truth For Today. I also may be included in that number; and I must give the Lord my heartfelt gratitude for T.F.T., and to the dear ones that have rendered to the Lord and to each one of us such a faithful labor of love that has spanned almost four decades. Their reward is laid up in HIM.
    It is with deep personal humility of spirit, and in much fear and trembling, that we here in Lafayette, Indiana, face the Lord’s challenge of offering ourselves as co-workers with our brother and sister Baker. In their ministry to the Lord Jesus Christ, we account the writing, printing and distribution of good sound rightly divided bible study material. Especially those that hold Acts 28:28 as the great dispensational frontier, as a very vital part of the overall development and growth of The Church which is HIS BODY. 
    Everlooking to Him for guidance, Who has called and  saved us to His service. In His Matchless Grace He has given us wisdom, courage, and strength to be able to continue in the good pattern and example set for us by the Bakers. Continuing to make available the great writings of men like E.W.Bullinger,  C.H.Welch, Stuart Allen, and many others. As we look to the Lord with much anticipation for the work to begin.  Pray with us.  We feel at this time that the Lord really found the less of the least of all His saints to use, and we are sincerely trusting it is all to His glory, and to Him alone.   (Editor’s note: This is the first article written by Joe Watkins for TFT in April 1986)