RD 101 - The Unity

By Jack Eberle

There are those among the liberal and modernistic religionists who talk a good bit about “unity”. They go about using various stratagems and staging numerous meetings to bring about their kaleidoscopic unities. Sometimes Bible believers are criticized for not participating in these efforts. They should sincerely consider Eph. 4. This is the great unity chapter of His Holy Word spoken to the Church Who is His Body. Eph.4:1 reads from the Workman’s Interlinear: “I, therefore, the prisoner in Lord, exhort you to walk worthily of the calling wherewith you were called.” It should be obvious, that none of us believers in any sense can deserve the treatment we have received of Our Lord and Saviour, The Father, or The Holy Spirit.

The sense is that we must make the most of our walk. We are enjoined to “take heed how we walk!” Let us value opportunities which God gives us to use for His glory. When God called us out to be His, this “worthy” walk was His will for us (II Tim. 2:15)! Verse 2 reads “…with all humility and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love.” The believer will be marked with a walk of humility, but we must understand humility to be more than an outward manner. The humble heart is no kin to vacillation or weakness but must be resolutely gentle. This again comes from an inward core of strength. Only the strong and worthy will be long suffering. They will bear and forbear. Love is the reason. Love of one another, love of Our Lord, and beyond that, His love for us. Verse 3, “Being diligent to keep the unity of The Spirit in the bond of peace.” This is not about crafting a false facade of unity which mocks God’s work. We have no unity to “make”. True unity is the work of Christ and our sealing of the Spirit. We are exhorted to “keep” that unity which is His work. We must recognize our bond of peace – bought by the blood of Christ. Verse 4: “One body and one spirit even as also you called in one hope of your calling…” There is no question; Eph. was written “To” and “For” the one body. The central truth of “the mystery” is the church who is His body. There is one spirit. When the Spirit seals and indwells, there is no room for other spirits. This is the true unity God desires for all, but is enjoyed only by His body. There is one calling to the body. The body is the called out assembly. Those believing ones are called out of the miasma of the world to walk the walk of those who please Him. The one hope is the seating together with Him. See Eph. 2:6-7, Col. 3:4, Titus 2:12-13. Verse 5. “One God and Father of all Who upon all and through all and in all.” There is one God. He is the God Who can help any and all. He is the Creator of all.