RD 101 - Christ Rightly Divides

By Jack Eberle

As long as there are knaves and fools in the world, Christ’s body-members will regard the Word as “precious” and “powerful”. Christ, our Head, has set us the great example in Luke 4:14-21. Early in the chapter the chief knave of all time had been froward enough to challenge our Lord in the Blessed Word. This horrendous, ungrateful being has not accepted the fear of almighty God even as many of his froward followers have not.

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Getting An Understanding - Concerning Resurrection

By Joseph L. Watkins

Now, as we read the words of our great all-loving Creator, Christ Jesus, and yes, as we read and study the fifteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians especially, we need to always hold in view the marked out "contrasts" - the in Adam and the in Christ, the first man and the second man, the first man and the last Adam, the natural and the spiritual, the heavenly and the earthly, the corruptible and the incorruptible, death and life - always keeping in view what is said to be in Adam and what is said to be in Christ, and just how and when they got into Adam, and just how and when and why they can be said to be "in" Christ Jesus.

From the Greek text of 1 Cor. 15:20-22 we read:
"But now Christ has been raised out from the dead (the) firstfruit of the ones having fallen asleep He became.  For since by man is the death, also by a man is resurrection of (the) dead, for as in the man Adam all die.  In like manner, also in the man Christ Jesus all are to live."

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